Danville, VT

Travel Dates: 7/12/20-7/16/20


  • Amelie: Lamoille Valley Rail Trail, Joe’s brook
  • Kate: Ditto
  • Averie: Floating down Joe’s brook
  • Heddy: Ground beef from Joe’s brook farm and hand made ice cream from Artesano

4 thoughts on “Danville, VT

  1. The pictures are so so nice the river , the water …Heddy with the big branch trying to pick it up 😳😳😳😳😬 it’s bigger than her !! Averie loosing her tooth , what a great place to fish ? Dad is scratching his head , how come you don’t fish the nicest creek ever his words !!! Anyway I told him these girls are no fisherwomen ……they have nice gear but it’s stored away !!! Might has well give it back 😬😬😬😬😜😜😜😜ok have fun

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